The Catholic New Times

Social activists are found in many different areas around the world. And through some of the social activists and their determination, a newspaper was founded which is the Catholic New Times. This was a Canadian Roman Catholic newspaper. It was founded by some social activists in 1976 including Mary Jo Leddy and some priests and also a collective of twelve people. The founders had the primary objective to promote the advancement of religion in Canada. Later on, the editors, writers, and supporters became interested in social justice.

Many other Canadian Catholics became interested in it as well. In the history of how this newspaper was founded, the Catholic New Times was considered as  a non-profit corporation. In addition, it was even registered as a charitable organization in the 1970’s. It did not receive any financial support from any Catholic institution. The focus of the newspaper is on local, national, and even international news as well as issues of concern to Catholics. In 2006, the newspaper had to close due to lack of financial support.

The corporation underwent a structural reorganization with a purpose. It is for the reason to form a Membership Group. There were subsequent changes in directors and later on, there was no choice but to close it and no longer be operated. Anyway, this newspaper helped many Catholics when it comes to providing reports or information. The Catholic Church actually had many newspapers being published every week. Aside from the Catholic New Times, there are about 50 different Catholic newspapers.